Company Profile
Company Profile

Established in 1993, Huizhou Huaxing Communication Industry Co., Ltd. is a well-known professional mobile terminal accessory product supplier in the industry. Its main products include: intelligent battery and smart battery charger; special electroacoustic: professional guidance for drum guide and noise reduction headphones. Terminal accessory products, as well as crane safety operation system, law enforcement instrument, collection station and other products.

As a leading enterprise in the professional mobile terminal supporting industry, Huaxing Communication focuses on R&D and innovation, and has formed strategic partnerships with many colleges and universities. At the same time, it has signed long-term cooperation agreements with well-known domestic R&D institutions and enterprises to provide product development for Huaxing Communication. Technical Support. It is with the support of strong technical strength that Huaxing Communication has undertaken and participated in the preparation of relevant industry standards of various ministries and commissions of the country, and has undertaken product inspection and testing work of many units in the country, and has purchased, matched and technically Identification plays a positive role.

At present, Huaxing Communication's products have been serviced in more than 30 countries and regions around the world, and have been widely praised by users. In China, Huaxing communication products have been widely used in government and public safety, urban emergency, rail transportation, forestry, water conservancy, coal mining, petrochemical and other fields, and have won numerous awards and praise.

With the courage to develop, enterprising, meticulous management and scientific management, Huaxing Communication has grown and developed over the past 20 years. In the future, Huaxing people with "zero defects" as their conviction and goal will continue to innovate and develop steadily and become the most influential professional mobile terminal accessory product supplier in the world!